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fusco Roof and Roofing

For three generations serving customers

Thanks to our experience and our professional and reliable team, we can realize our projects in all their phases, from executive design, wood cutting, until to the final installation. We guarantee our customers the delivery of a work characterized by a perfect study of all its components , so that you living there , the word "comfort" really means for you a perfect thermal balance , healthy air , sound insulation and the beauty of the structures.

Fusco Tetti & Coperture

Fusco Matteo


The success of our work, as confirmed by hundreds of satisfied clients, is given by the completeness of the achievements in all their details and the constant support that we offer to our customer.

Fusco Matteo

Fusco Tetti & Coperture

Fusco Alfonso


Tradition , innovation and creativity : these are the keywords that make up our slogan with which we love to summarize our technical and creative skills .

Fusco Alfonso


Our work

Fusco Tetti & Coperture

Some of our works

Our object is to continue to evolve in our work, thanks to the experience acquired and transmitted to us over the time.

Fusco Roofs & Roofing is the guarantee of continuous research and acquisition of the most innovative proposals that the market and technologies provide in terms of sustainable construction. Here follow some of our achievements, which reflect our work philosophy and practice our skills:


Fusco Tetti & Coperture


Technology & attention to details

Fusco Roofing operates a system of re-roofing based on the application of the best quality product and installation. We guarantee you the attention to all the details in our work : the use of modern technologies and the most suitable materials, the time of delivery and installation of tinplate product, the perfect tightness of our achievements ( also in work's process ), the competence of the staff employed fulfillment of all documentation required by the construction regulations.

Here are the types of roofs and installations that we perform :
  • tile roofs
  • roof gutters
  • verandas, pergolas porches and canopies
  • skylights for roofs
  • insulation for roofs
  • waterproofing membranes for roofing
  • complementary elements for civil and industrial roofs
Fusco Tetti & Coperture


Our work combines the skillful craftsmanship with the modern techniques. Tradition, innovation and creativity will ensure implementation of the highest quality.

Fusco Tetti & Coperture

Design and consulting

Our design and advice services will ensure you the realization of any type of wood structure suited to the needs of your home and your business.

Fusco Tetti & Coperture

Energy certification

The quality of our service is certified by the final release of the qualifying energy certificate, through analysis of energy and structural materials calculation and of the used components.

Tin products

Fusco Tetti & Coperture

Tin products and accessories

Folding and calendering

Fusco Roof & Roofing performs folding and calendering of copper, galvanized pre-painted , natural aluminum and pre-painted steel for the production of gutters, trough panels , flashings and chimneys at an angle measure. We produce copper chimneys on designed project and in compliance with the requirements of the customer .

Fusco Tetti & Coperture


Tin accessories for sale.

We supply products in copper and aluminum pre-painted, pre-painted galvanized sheets for every need and personalized creations. (Elbow Pipe, supports, tie-rods, connectors, borders, elements of connections, headboards,Metal funnels, bowls, connectors, chimney caps, terminals, skylights,accessories for ventilation, dissuasori, ornaments.


Fusco Tetti & Coperture

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Do you are looking for technical support for your home , office or business ? Contact us! Our staff will guide you in your choices and provide you with innovative and competitive solutions adapted to your needs.
We guarantee a service of customer assistance and efficiently maintenance on time.
We operate throughout the European territory.

Where we are

Fusco Matteo S.r.l.,

Via A.Diaz 87 D

80051 - AGEROLA (NA) - Italy

Phone: +39 081 879 18 74

mobile: + 39 338 52 38 781

P.IVA 07459511213

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